Hassan Tahir

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Not all Website building requires coding, those who are not fancy doing coding they can work on CMS. Even I started my web development career with CMS — Wordpress which is quite easy for everyone to understand. Coding requires a lot of time and attention if you are already doing a job not related to programming and other Development stuff then starting your Web Development career is easier with CMS. We will talk about Wordpress Later in this story.

How to Start Web Development?

There are two sites of web development client site scripting and server site scripting and both…

A vast networks that connects computers from all over the world is called the internet.

Back in 2002 Google Dorking was in Lead for security research on the internet and in 2020 it is still in use, Specific queries were designed for exploring different types of files or ports across the internet, Finding vulnerable file using Google Dorking is still possible in 2020 with the same effort as in 2002 which takes a lot of time that is why developers made more efficient programs to make the work more reliable and extendable. (e.g. Nmap, Shodan.io, AMASS, fofa.so, ZoomEye). …

Hassan Tahir

Cyber Security Analyst | Web Application Developer | Obsessed for Linux | Talk doesn’t cook rice.

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